Lakuna Design

Cocoa Santé

Identity/logo design, package design, website design

Cocoa Santé came to Lakuna Design at the very start of their now thriving instant hot cocoa business. The first order of business was an identity design that could be carried across a few as yet unrealized packaging formats. The mark is centered on a simple, iconic interpretation of the product's main ingredient.

Once an ID was established, work began on individual visual branding for the product's four unique blends. To differentiate the product from its competitors, established design approaches to cocoa packaging were reconsidered. The goal was to create a package that would be bright, lively and colorful—rather than leaning too heavily on chocolate brown. This underlines the Santé in the brand's name which refers to health and specifically the reported healthful properties of cacao. 

The blends themselves were all inspired by cocoa's history across the world. In creating each sub-identity this provided opportunities to add visual notes that could be subtle nod's to the flavor profile and each blend's cultural history. After the launch of the initial four blends a fifth was added, Mocha. This package was designed to stand alone or to be the start of a new family of flavors as the company expands its product line.