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I'm a Good Listener!

KEXP and Scuttlebutt Brewing Company have partnered to create Transistor IPA, a refreshing, session friendly Northwest IPA that will help fund KEXP’s New Home. We're honored to have helped by providing all the packaging and promotion design. KEXP has been a longtime supporter of my also longtime band Throwing Muses so it's great to be able to give back to these hard working and inspiring ambassadors of quality music and radio. Scuttlebutt is a new friend (beer is an old and dear one). Founded in 1996 in Everett, Scuttlebutt is a family owned and operated brewery with an ever growing product line – producing 20 styles of hand-crafted ales over the past 19 years. Working with them on this project  was seamless, productive, and enjoyable. 

David Narcizo