Lakuna Design



2015 was a particularly dynamic year for Lakuna Design that brought us new clients, new capabilities, a new site, and a new (sunny!) office. We're sincerely grateful to continue to have the opportunity to work with great clients on projects that push us, inspire us, and make us proud. 

We're looking forward to this century's sweet sixteen and we promise to be smarter, fitter, faster, stronger, more disciplined, more spontaneous, patient, thoughtful, well-read, even better looking, neatly dressed, well groomed, polite, happier, even more fit than when we mentioned earlier, able to answer trivia questions without a smartphone, younger, quietly confident, able to cook so well that people say "you should be a chef!" and then we just smile back so then the people say "they're so modest," which reminds me...modest, genuine, self-effacing, and able to levitate.   

If you've never visited our site, take a look around and if you've got an upcoming project that needs our help, let's talk. Happy New Year!

David Narcizo