Lakuna Design

Throwing Muses

4AD, Warner Bros recording artists Throwing Muses formed in Newport, Rhode Island in 1984. To date the band has released 9 studio albums and toured extensively. Lakuna Design's Dave Narcizo is an original member and divides his contributions between drumming and design. Here is a sample of some of that work.

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Purgatory/Paradise is the ninth studio album by Throwing Muses. The 32-track album is the centerpiece of this deluxe 64-page book which also contains lyrics for each song; stories and essays that accompany each track written by the band's founder Kristin Hersh; and instructions for downloads of exclusive content, including demos and outtakes. The photos used for the book design were taken from nearly two decades of tour images collected by band members Dave Narcizo and Kristin Hersh.

Throwing Muses Anthology

On the 25th anniversary of Throwing Muses' debut album release, the band's original label, 4AD issued the first ever compilation of the bands work, simply entitled Anthology. The initial limited release is a hardback book designed by Lakuna Design with a bonus twenty-two track CD of B-sides and rarities.